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5,24,000/- No Tips No Advise - Self Trading (Star Trader Amol)

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Telegram Link - https://telegram.me/AIM2BIG

For OKTA Mentorship Enrollment – https://wa.me/919999677646

Mentorship Program Details:

▪️ Two Strategies will be covered
(Thursday Exclusive & separate strategy for rest of the Week)
▪️ Strike Price Selection to get maximum points with minimum risk
▪️ How to identify true triggers and avoid fake
▪️ CT Way SCALPING, CONTRA moves & Dragging SL Concepts
▪️ Option Long or Short decision making before 9:24 AM (Where traders usually do mistakes)
▪️ Target price (No small targets, No early profit booking or assumptions)
▪️ 6 hours of Conversational Tutorial for learning CT-WAY Tricks & Techniques
▪️ 2 months free access to private students’ channel for learning factors and pre market OKTA levels (Strictly no Tips & Advise)
▪️ Query/Doubts & Support - Every Saturday 9-11 AM

Fees- 5,999 INR

Students Feedback - https://telegram.me/Aim2BigFEEDBACK

Disclaimer: All of my videos and technical analysis are only for educational purpose, in no way these videos or technical analysis should be taken or considered as investment advice. Past performance, whether actual or simulated, is not indicative of future results. By viewing this video, you agree that any decision to purchase or sell any financial product is the sole responsibility of the person initiating such a transaction, specifically you.

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