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8 TERRIBLE Dating Mistakes Movies Push You To Make

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Almost all of our expectations about love and relationships have been set by Hollywood.

The problem is that these movies are putting absurd ideas into your mind about what love really looks like, which can lead to some boneheaded decision making, maybe even ruining what could have been a great relationship.

So in this video we’ll look at 8 ways Hollywood ruins your relationships.


0:32 - #1: Movies train us to substitute emotional intensity for emotional quality.
2:09 - #2: The perfect person will magically take interest because they see the real you deep inside.
3:20 - #3: Love at first sight
4:13 - #4: Love, in Hollywood, is proven by ignoring explicit rejection.
5:43 - #5: Giving large unrequested gifts as a way to make amends.
7:14 - #6: Pursuing someone who is currently in a relationship is romantic and not at all doomed to failure.
8:12 - #7: Suffering, dependence and self sacrifice are all treated as indicators of love.
9:22 - #8: A romantic relationship is the solution to the problem of life.

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