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Action Movie Stars Who Sadly Think They're Still Famous

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We know the component parts of action movies as well as we do the actors who made the genre their own. They've found reliability in this shadowy realm, if not quality, and the chance to stay relevant. Here are some stars whose action movie careers aren’t what they once were.

Between 1987 and 1992, Steven Seagal made a streak of three-word-titled action films that prominently featured him kicking major ass and running very awkwardly. Movies such as Marked for Death and Above the Law were hits, and Seagal's star rose. But Hollywood grew weary of his attitude, and audiences moved on, with Seagal finding his way into the wild frontier of direct-to-video releases — a land where his ego was free to roam.

Belly of the Beast, Code of Honor, Out of Reach, Against the Dark, and A Dangerous Man all feature Seagal doing what he does best — no, not sick Aikido moves employed against an army of thugs, but feeding his insatiable need to flood the zone with Steve.

Often produced by Seagal, many of these films are built around the concept of Seagal As Badass, even if he's ultimately not even in them very much. Case in point, Outlaw Vern wrote of 2016’s Sniper: Special Ops:

"Despite Seagal being the only person photoshopped onto the cover he's not the main character at all."

Contract to Kill, also from 2016 – and yet another three-word title! – is the exception. AV Club's Ignatiy Vishnevetsky noted that Seagal is in every scene:

"But he gives the kind of performance traditionally associated with stars who died during filming."

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