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Adventures of Aladdin - Film Terbaru Subtitle Indonesia 2019

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Summary - With the help of a magical lamp, an impoverished young man transforms himself into a prince in order to win the heart of a beautiful princess. There once lived a poor widow and her only son, Aladdin. One day, in search of wild figs, Aladdin met a well dressed and dark-eyed stranger who asked him to go down a manhole and pick him a lamp. Once in, Aladdin was astonished by the priceless gems, jewels, and golden pots in the chamber. He wondered and became suspicious why out of all the riches the stranger only asked for a pot. The stranger demanded the lamp but refused to help Aladdin out of the hole. As he slammed the manhole’s cover, a ring slid from his finger and Aladdin picked it. Putting the ring in his finger, a genie appeared and magically took Aladdin home. Excited, he told his mother of the adventures. The widow took the lamp and rubbed it. Out came a genie that offered them all they wanted from that moment.
Aladdin grew to a handsome man and wanted to marry the Sultan’s daughter. The genie magically helped Aladdin and his mother provide all that the Sultan asked in exchange of his daughter. Diamonds, forty slaves, and forty Arab warriors were all given to the Sultan. News of Aladdin’s fortune spread allover. He however, never told his wife of the magic lamp. One day, the wife gave the old lamp to a merchant in exchange for a new one and the genie was under the merchant’s service. The merchant whisked Aladdin’s possessions away and sent the princess and the palace away too. As he wept over his lost fortune and wife, Aladdin remembered the wizard’s ring and slid it in his finger. He requested it to take him to his wife. Immediately, he found himself in his palace and saw the princess and the wizard. He put some powder in the wizard’s tea, which led to his deep sleep.
Form the story; one learns that misfortunes follow those that pay good for evil. The wizard refused to take Aladdin out of the hole though he had helped him get the magic lamp. As a result, the wizard loses everything and ends up as Aladdin’s servant. Another lesson form the story is that good actions always bring forth good rewards. Aladdin helps the wizard, and though he is not immediately appreciated, he ends up getting more than he expected.

Director: Glenn Campbell
Writers: Glenn Campbell, Tammy Klein
Stars: Americus Abesamis, Havon Baraka, Adam Hollick

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