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All Unique Legendary and Mythic KOing Animations - Fire Emblem Heroes (February 16th, 2020)

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By popular demand, here's a video showcasing every unique animation for each Legendary, Mythic, and otherwise special Hero when they land a finishing blow. If you don't see someone here, it's because they came out after the date the video was published.

I'd like to give thanks to @daddymarwa, @lugh.emblem, and @canas.shack.society on Instagram for helping me compile these animations. If you want to find my account on Instagram for some reason, I'm on there as @corn.emblem. Feel free to talk to me at any time!
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Hey! Thank you for watching! I've been playing Heroes as a F2P player ever since launch and building up a Corn Emblem team has always been my top priority, so I'm happy to showcase them in action!

More videos like this will be coming out eventually for sure. Stay tuned!

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