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An Interview with Amanda Montoya

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Journey with Yin is an ode to the feminine energy within each of us, which dwells in our hearts. Essentially, this is a journey through the heart space, to the depths of our being, allowing for the awakening of our truest essence. This yoga series utilizes a variety of breathing exercises, hand gestures, and gentle movements to help stimulate the body's natural mechanisms to help us get moving. Breathing exercises & movements used during these sessions.

As a channel for greater awareness and change, Amanda has a passion for helping her clients tap into that quiet voice within, by creating a safe space to explore their spiritual nature with curiosity and acceptance. She offers a variety of methods of healing to provide the opportunity to bring oneself back into the body and the present moment. In this state of awareness, she is able to guide her clients into that place of stillness to encourage the movement of stagnate energy in the body., which creates healing for mind, body, and spirit.

She offers her gift of yoga, energy work, Thai bodywork, and spiritual guidance to assist on this journey through the body and heart center. Each of these modalities provides an opportunity for introspection which creates that oneness with the Self/Spirit within. Amanda has been teaching yoga for over 6 years, and currently teaches at various locations in Colorado Springs. She offers Reiki and healing touch methods along with Thai yoga bodywork, intuitive tarot/oracle card readings and spiritual guidance to her clients.

As a part holding space for healing, Amanda is also a guide for women's ceremony circles. These circles are meant to create unity and healing within the feminine.

Amanda comes with excitement, humility and an open heart, ready to share her gifts with the collective.

Condition Specific Yoga Series

This yoga targets specific health challenges and teaches mechanisms to cope with or alleviate the issues that are weighing on your personal wellness.

Depression and Fatigue

This yoga utilizes a variety of breathing exercises, hand gestures, and gentle movements to help stimulate the body's natural mechanisms to help us get moving. The breathing exercises and movements used during these sessions have been proven to be effective in shifting the feelings of depression and fatigue many people.

Anxiety and Stress

This yoga targets the many ways to address and cope with stress. Ranging from basic level breath management to gentle stretches and relaxation. You will be taught the skills needed to combat both anxiety and increasing levels of stress in your daily life.

Thai Yoga Bodywork

An ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation of energy lines called Sen lines. Thai massage is the practical expression of loving kindness, it offers a solid foundation in spiritual, and physical modalities for promoting well being and long life. These energy channels reflect internal organs, thus influencing physical, metal and emotional processes. Along with working with these lines of energy, both the muscle and connective tissues.

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