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Getting the GOTLAND PONY from the APP! || Star Stable Online

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Hey! Today I bought a new member for my little pixel family! SSO finally added the 7th Gotland Pony coat to the foal app and I couldn't resist getting this cutie ????
My friend, Viktoria's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/viistarin/
She's an artist (and is gonna make my next channel art!) so make sure to check her out!

My name is Corinne and I'm 21 years old. I make gameplay videos about Star Stable Online which is a Swedish MMORPG.
For further information, please read the FAQ below!
Have a nice day!

☆ FAQ ☆
★ What do you film and edit with?
☆ I record my videos with Shadowplay and edit them with Vegas Pro 15!

★ What server(s) are you on?
☆ My main accounts are on Pumpkin Meadow (NA-EC-03), Hazy Desert (EU-HU-02) and Cupcake Valley (EU-UK-01).
I also have several smaller alternate accounts on multiple other servers, such as on Fire Star, Spring Star and Pancake Mountain.

★ Can you tell me what song you used in this video?
☆ No, unfortunately. I have a folder on my computer which contains almost 1000 copyright free songs and when I edit my videos I just randomly pick a song.

☆ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/corinnemist...
☆ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CMisthill

★ For business inquiries & fan mail feel free to message me at

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