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I read every book Namjoon (RM from BTS) has recommended and found my new favourite book ????

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by popular demand, i spent my week reading every book Namjoon (RM from BTS) has recommended and he has TASTE!!! also... please accept this video as my official application to join the BTS ARMY.

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chapters + books mentioned:
00:00 intro
01:48 yesstyle [ad]
2:22 the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy - douglas adams
3:57 the stranger - albert camus
5:20 the ones who walk away from omelas - ursula k. le guin
7:23 spring day music video analysis
10:08 kim jiyoung, born 1982 - cho nam joo
11:05 me before you - jojo moyes
12:17 metamorphosis - franz kafka
13:17 demian - hermann hesse
14:03 blood, sweat & tears music video analysis
14:52 1984 - george orwell
15:48 nature - ralph waldo emerson
16:44 kafka on the shore - haruki murakami
18:20 namjoon's taste in books
19:22 outro

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