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KEKE Coutee is a CHEAT CODE! - Houston Texans | Madden 21 - Ep 2

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We are back with more Houston Texans Franchise as the evaluation period continues here in the first couple of episodes as we close in on the end of Season 1. The main goal in the last few weeks is to find out who will be apart of the future and who will be left out. I think we have a good base as far as athletes go but now we need to find people who can ball. Tons of speed at WR and obviously a great quarterback. Plus who on defense starts to pop? Hit Subscribe!!
We are here for the Houston Texans Franchise Rebuild on on the next gen consoles on PS5. So much anticipation has led up to the release of a lot of games on the next gen and we are excited to begin our journey here on the next generation. The Houston Texans are a team that has been depleted of draft picks so this will be a very interesting rebuild here. The Texans traded wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins as well as a fourth-round selection to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for a second-round selection, running back David Johnson, and a fourth-round selection in the 2021 NFL Draft. This move shook up the franchise and now we look to get it back on the right track. Hit Subscribe!!

Franchise Details Below:
Difficulty: All Madden Simulation
Quarter Length: 10 mins
Sliders: Default for now, next gen sliders are still releasing
Draft Classes:
Season 1: File Name: TNJDC1 (Jets Series Best of Draft Classes Combined)
Season 2: Top College Projects

More Details: This will be a realistic rebuild. Gameplay wise, we do not switch on defense (sticking to one guy the entire play).

Useful Links:

Elgato HD 60 Capture Card

AT2020 Mic

Epidemic Sounds
Unknown Instrumentals https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfeqwEGOFQ0jCcVYXjosciQ


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