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KPOP Idols Proving Their Microphone is ON!!! | BTS, BLACKPINK, ATEEZ, MAMAMOO, NCT...

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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* welcome! here are some of the best vocal moments in kpop where idols proved they sing live and have some of the best voices in the industry! it has moments from rosé, jungkook, jongho, hyolyn, jessi, doyoung, taeil, jihyo, mamamoo, jisoo, taeyeon, red velvet, jin, iu, keeho and dreamcatcher. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

✧ i have two challenges for you: subscribe in the next 6 seconds and also watch the video until the end! let me know in the comment section if you did it haha

✧ would you want a PART 2? i feel like there are a huge amount of talented vocalists in kpop that should also be praised!!

✧ question of the video: who is your favorite vocalist in kpop??

✧ frequently asked questions:
- which editor do you use to edit your video? camtasia 9 and i edit my thumbnails on photoscape.
- are you a boy or a girl? how old are you? i'm a boy and i'm 21! from portugal.

✧ my social media:
Instagram | henamwood
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???? in case you want to contact me for partnerships or brand deals: HenriqueReactsYT@gmail.com


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