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The biblical fable of DAVID vs GOLIATH comes to mind when I see this matchup - only this time, it may go very, very wrong. We are in the business of entertainment, and we plan on having an epic show for you today. These two drivers are skilled, but are under pressure of the Camera, and the viewers - not to mention a time-consuming PENALTY. Now, with that said - backing up a semi truck is always a challenge.. and loading it with a 1/14th sized forklift is also not easy. These drivers have their work cut out for them in this fast passed, high penalty arena! WHO WILL BE THE BEST DRIVER?

Here are some of the Foundational Rules of LOADING KINGS: (Download the FULL FREE RULE BOOK .pdf: http://rcsparks.com/Official-Rules-Loading-Kings.pdf )

1) DO NOT have ANY part of your Truck or Trailer Cross over ANY LINE, other than the Start/Finish. IF the CAMERA see's you cross over.. the judge will call a PENALTY

2) DO NOT Load a pallet or cargo onto the wrong vehicle. If you do its a PENALTY. Any Cargo that off of ANY pallet, or pallet Racks - is an immediate PENALTY. This includes Before and After the pallets are on the Semi Trucks/Trailers. If you Do, it's a PENALTY.

3) No Bystander can "COACH" or give helpful tips or tricks to the competitors. If they do, the competitor that the help was offered to - WILL GET A PENALTY. General Encouragement is allowed. COACHING IS ALLOWED IN THE PENALTY AREA!

4) If the driver is in a penalty, and hits the Border Line.. they Must Restart!

5) All pallets and cargo MUST be loaded on to the trailer properly. This means the pallet or cargo has to be past the coping (edge) fo the trailer, BEFORE they leave the yard with the trailer.

6) If a Player in a Penalty attempts the Penalty 3 Different times and Fails - then they can "Go Back To Work". These must be deemed legitimate efforts by the Penalty Judge

7) If a Player in a Penalty, causes ANOTHER penalty, then they will be reset at the start of the Penalty.

8) IF YOU Hit the DOCK Supervisor, and KNOCK HIM OVER - You are FIRED - AKA - Disqualified!

9) You ARE ALLOWED to MESS with your Opponent and take advantage of LOOP HOLES in the RULES. You are NOT allowed to mess with a Player if they have a Pallet Loaded on their Forklift. If Both Forklifts are empty its FAIR GAME. If BOTH Forklifts have a PALLET loaded - FAIR GAME, and an attack can occur.

10) You are ALLOWED to REMOVE Pallets from a Competitors Trailer, if the Trailer is Docked. You can NOT USE THEM towards YOUR Trailer Pallet count.

11) First One to Leave the Yard with SEMI and TRAILER - Successfully .. WINS! You Must have your Forklift PARKED on the ORANGE X, with FORKS DOWN before you Leave the DOCK, or it's a PENALTY.

*There may be supplemental rules added EACH EPISODE, depending on what we are doing.*


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