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Luke Skywalker Season 3 The Mandalorian - Star Wars Theory

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With Luke’s return, this sets a whole new storyline going forwards. With the mandalorian season 2 now complete, what can we expect? Grogu went off with Luke, or in other words, one half of the show’s main star separated from the other half. Din and Bo are in this awkward friendship state where she resents him for beating Gideon after she asked him to leave him for her. They’ll have to figure themselves out and who the true ruler of Mandalore will be, because as of right now, it’s Din Djarrin. I think the season will jump back and forth between characters, not only fleshing out their arcs and stories, but also keeping us always up to date with everything going on.

Luke could become the Jedi Master we all know he became in legends, and I would personally like to see them just continue his story and completely ignore the sequels. Sure they could have Snoke, sure they could have baby Ben Solo, but they can write the characters properly, methodically, with a concrete outline and by keeping one consistent vision which can be achieved by having the same writer on the project, and that being Jon Favreau with Dave Filoni’s guidance and aid wherever he’d need it, should he need it. Jon Favreau has a good understanding of how much training force users need in order for their skills to be developed, and of course Dave filoni knows first hand from George Lucas. Ahsoka in the show says to wield the force takes a great deal of training and discipline. Luke says he is strong with the force but talent without training is nothing. These are the fundamentals of what it takes to become a powerful force user. Jedi or Sith, both require extremely hard work. This is relatable to life, and of course Star Wars. As every great Jedi like Luke and Anakin, suffered and put in their dues to become as powerful as they did.

Now with Luke having segments in Season 3 or even getting his own spin-off show, will he have any kind of conflict, as powerful as he is? I think the beauty behind Luke is that he was this rampant impatient whiney farm boy who turned into a calm collected and emotionally balanced jedi master. Luke will need to face a conflict as big as himself in the next season or the one after that. Could this be thrown? Or what if the cloning doesn’t stop here, rather more projects come to be, such as a young palpatine, or a young anakin trained to destroy the Jedi. Could they make StarKiller canon? Did Vader have an apprentice of his own that they could have rival Luke? I think with a character as powerful as Luke is, we need a rival character just as powerful, and if we don’t get that, then we need the conflict to affect Luke’s emotions, possibly by shifting him off his centre by getting his emotions involved, and no, not by his nephew giving him dark visions leading to his attempted murder, I’m talking something realistic to Luke that would cause him to struggle deeply. Perhaps that his father trained another, and the havoc being caused in the new republic is due to this angry, unbalanced, insanely powerful apprentice to Darth Vader. I could see that being an internal and external conflict for Luke. It would be awesome to see Luke put to the absolute test.

Luke could raise his students and end up losing some of them to the dark side, this might test him and his overall confidence in how well he can raise Jedi. Alongside that, they could bring the rumoured George Lucas sequel trilogy of brining Darth Talon into canon, the twi-lek Sith who could really give him a hard time. We could get the dark empire comics where a young palpatine in his prime was created and fought Luke at this point. Luke’s entrance into the mandalorian wasn’t just the last, with him taking the second biggest or arguably first biggest character, Grogu, Baby Yoda, off into another storyline, where we’ll figure out how he can train the child and just what he’ll learn from him. Maybe he’ll learn that Grogu was spared by Anakin during Order 66, or perhaps he saw Anakin killing Jedi during Order 66. Imagine that. The one person between them, is Ahsoka. She knows Grogu, Grogu know Luke now, and Luke knows Anakin. It’s amazing how this all could play out and the things we could see and learn. I hope Luke meets Ahsoka. It’s all very exciting.

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