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NEW EASTER UPDATE! Getting the New Dragon Skyrix in Dragon Adventures!

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NEw Update is Out!
Egg hunt in Dragon Adventures!????????????
In This Video I'll show you How to finish the Egg Hunt Puzzle in Dragon Adventures!
Update Info:
Dragon Adventures is participating in the official Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 this year!

We've published the Egg Hunt update to all servers. Look out for an upset mother dragon in the Lobby world to start your adventure and...
Earn the Dragon Eggventure Roblox hat!
Get the brand new Skyrix dragon!

Stay tuned for the Easter world that's also coming out soon...

(The Aranga isn't included in this update!)
Hope You Guys Enjoy It!????????
Happy Easter Everybody!
Today We got the New Dragon Skyrix in Dragon Adventures!????????????
Watch Till the End to Find Put How to Get it!
Also I Have an Announcement To make.
Starting From Today April 7th Tuesday,
My School Year Starts!????????????
I'm Excited for My First Day But I'm Afraid to Say that
Sometimes I Might Get Late on Uploading New Update Video For you Guys.????
I'll try To Make the Content Great!
Thank you For Watching!
Don't Forget to Smash the Like Button!????
Hit Subscribe&Turn On Notifications!????
Comemnt Down Below If you Have Any Cool Ideas for a Video!⬇️⬇️⬇️
I Always read Comments Everyday for 20 Minutes!
So Feel Free to Comment if you have any!
Thank you for Watching!
Hope you Guys Have a Nice Easter Day!????????????
I'll see you guys in the next Video!
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