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New Game From Trailmakers Devs Is Hilarious Multiplayer Action! - Rubber Bandits First Look

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Welcome to a first look at Rubber Bandits! This is a new game by the same developers as Trailmakers! So we thought we'd give it a try! It's basically a mix between Gang Beasts and bank robbing. The goal is to loot the area of money and try to escape with as much of it as you can, while using weapons and debris to knock out and steal money from your opponents before they can escape with it!

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About the game:

Rubber Bandits is a wacky multiplayer party brawler for up to 4 players.

It's every bandit for himself when the robbery starts - steal as much as you can or beat up the other bandits and keep their money for yourself. Get out as fast as you can when the getaway vehicle arrives! If anybody gets pinched, we don’t know each other, is that clear?

- Brawl as one of ten different classic robbers like the outlaw, the cat burglar, and the banana.
- Smash several different highly destructible levels in classic heist themes like the bank, the museum and the casino.
- Play locally, online or even two people at one PC.
- Fight in a free-for-all thief brawl or team up for a 2v2.
- Use 20 different weapons ranging from baguettes to rocket launchers.
- OR use the debris from the destructible levels as improvised weapons!

Store Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1206610/Rubber_Bandits/

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