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Origin of the Solar System - First Stars - Space Discovery Documentary

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One of the most-asked questions of astronomers is: how did our Sun and planets get here? It's a good question and one that researchers are answering as they explore the solar system. There has been no shortage of theories about the birth of the planets over the years. This is not surprising considering that for centuries the Earth was believed to be the center of the entire universe, not to mention our solar system. Naturally, this led to a misevaluation of our origins. Some early theories suggested that the planets were spat out of the Sun and solidified. Others, less scientific, suggested that some deity simply created the solar system out of nothing in just a few "days". The truth, however, is far more exciting and is still a story being filled out with observational data.

As our understanding of our place in the galaxy has grown, we have re-evaluated the question of our beginnings. But in order to identify the true origin of the solar system, we must first identify the conditions that such a theory would have to meet.

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