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ROX vs. LYNX: HEROES LAST STAND... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Lynx, Drift, Blackheart and others record a video attempting to expose Vendetta the mayor. The heroes are framed and Vendetta and the sentinels capture them at the Mega Mall. Rox trains with Blue Hybrid. Blue Hybrid warns her to exercise caution. Rox decides she's ready to take on the sentinels now. Rox is met by Vendetta or a hologram of him. Rox meets Vendetta later at a creepy parking pack. Lynx shows up to the parking garage. Rox is confused and fights her. Rox vs. Lynx. Rox realizes that there was something on Lynx's back. It must have been brainwashing her. It must have been Vendetta's doing. Blue Hybrid shows up. They determine Rox is a worthy hero after saving Lynx from Vendetta's control.

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