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Space Mountain WDW - Martins 1975-2020 Ultimate Tribute

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In honour of its 45th anniversary here is a huge tribute to Orlandos Space Mountain.

Trace the origins back to the mid 60s, see versions that weren’t built, and follow their evolution to the final product. Take a detailed look at the design and layout of the final version, see how it was built, and then the grand opening.

Each major version, and smaller changes, are covered in detail with plenty of archive footage and new audio mixes. Eras covered in detail include:

the original 1975 RCA theme including the preshow area, load, the ride and RCAs Home of Future Living.

Updates in 1985 including the preshow area, queue, load and RYCA-1 Dream of a New World

The FedEx era from 1994 including the preshow and queues, load, SMTV, ride, postshow and the video arcade

The 2009 refurb changes, outside and inside

The chicken exit and the 2010 audio additions

And then we come to the present with a look at the exit speedramp removal, the exit diversion around the rear of the mountain, and a full tour of the Mountain as it is today, from outside, the queue, preshows, load, the ride in amazing low light quality with a source audio mix, and the post show and exit as it is minus the speedramp.

I’ve used as much archive material, both audio and visual, as possible to hopefully make this 90 minute long video a true tribute to the original Magic Kingdom thrill ride.

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