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STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 3 Episode 11 Breakdown & References!

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Discovery jumps to the Verubin Nebula to find the origin of the Burn. Greg and Chastity break down the plot and references from "Su'Kal".

In Star Trek Discovery Season 3, Episode 11, we learn that there is somehow a life sign on the KSF Kief, the ship that was home to Dr. Issa, the Kelpien doctor who sent out a distress signal near the origin of The Burn. Saru comes to the conclusion that it must be Dr. Issa’s child, because the marks on her forehead weren't radiation burns - they meant that she was pregnant. The USS Discovery and crew set a course for the Verubin Nebula to find the life sign.

Book is able to get coordinates for the life sign with his ship, as a Nebula storm prevents Discovery from getting any closer. Also, there is a ton of radiation danger. Tilly informs Saru and Burnham that the data from Book’s ship reveals the Kief crashed into a planet with a huge dilithium supply. Saru forms an away team to find the life sign on the Kief, bringing Culber and Burnham with him and leaving Tilly to lead the Discovery in his absence. While the captain is away, Tilly and crew face an unexpected threat.

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