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Star Wars: BAD BATCH - FULL Trailer Breakdown & Connections

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The moment so many of us have all been waiting for has finally arrived. The first teaser trailer for the Star Wars: The Bad Batch has finally been released during the Disney investor day announcements, and it truly is absolutely stunning.

So, I’m going to break down the full Star Wars: Bad Batch trailer and all of the connections to the other Star Wars Tv series and films.

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So to begin the trailer we are thrown right into the dark, rainy world of Kamino with the Clone Troopers of the Bad Batch zooming in on their shuttle. This pretty strongly implies that we begin the series with the Bad Batch on the imperial side, rather than them disobeying Order 66. I still don’t believe that they have their inhibitor chips, but maybe they follow the order because they will be terminated for refusing.

Over the top of this, we also get the voice of Commander Cody, which sounds like he is introducing the Bad Batch to the other Clone Troopers on Kamino. Honestly, this really sounds like Dave Filloni might be re-canonizing his legends story, where he trained stormtroopers on Kamino, which would be awesome.

Following that, we get a quick shot of three planets, with one of them being a yellowy, polluted looking world. This could potentially be Kessel from Solo: A Star Wars Story, Rebels and of course first mentioned in A New Hope.
The next is a blue world with a decently sized city. This could really be any planet with a large city on, who knows maybe it’s canonizing Dromund Kaas.

Following that is a planet with many sprawling buildings, in more of an old style which look like they’re in line with what we staw on the Slaver Planete of Zygerria during the Clone Wars. This would line up with the rest of the footage from the trailer, so this probably is Zygerria.

After that you can four of the members of the bad batch patrolling on a plant filled planet, which looks a lot like felucia, before we cut straight into the Citadel Training grounds on Kamino, where the Domino squad, and almost every other clone trooper, began their journey during the Clone Wars.

This is soon followed by a shot where the Bad Batch, along with many Kamino guard and regular clones are lined up, almost as if they are watching a speech or receiving mass orders. I think this could be Palpatine or someone elses high up in the new empire giving the Clones New Orders for the Imperial Era and to eliminate Jedi On sight.

Following that we cut straight back to Zygerria, where Hunter is going head to head with a Zygerrian slaver, and using his blade to fight his dangerous shock whip. We do seem to be getting quite a few scenes on Zygerria, so it looks like it’s going to be a major part of the story, for at least the first part of the Bad Batch Season 1.

We then see a few more shots of the Zygerrian cityscape, before cutting straight back to Hunter, who’s in more casual clothing, riding a speeder bike, in a scene that looks suspiciously close to an unfinished shot from the Dark Disciple Arc where Asajj Ventress unfortunately died. That happened during the Clone Wars, so I don’t think they’re recreating that one, but it’s probably just a small little throwback.

After that, we see a group of normal clone troopers line up and aim their weapons at someone, before the next shot shows the Bad Batch doing the same. This most likely points to the Bad Batch finally leaving the Empire, but again this could be a typical trailer editing trick, so it’s impossible to tell just yet.

After this, we hear Palpatine’s famous speech where he declares the new order and abolished the Republic. Many clone troopers are watching Palpatine deliver this speech through a holo-broadcast, so maybe this is the same scene from Earlier, with the Bad Batch and the others watching on as their leader gives new instructions.

After this we get an incredible connection to the Mandalorian Season 2, with the awesome bounty hunter and now good friend of Boba Fett, Fennec Shand showing up in her classic eye helmet. I’m not sure what role she will have in the series, but it very likely points to the unfinished Boba Fett Vs Cad Bane arc being remade, and edited with the new characters introduced later down the line, like Fennec.

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