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The 6 wives of Ivan lV the Terrible | ENG.SUBTITLES

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▪️Series: 1,2 wives are from “the Terrible”2020; I didn’t find any series with 3,4,5 wives so I took some parts from different series and recreated their stories; 6 wife is from “Godunov”

▪️Video about his first wife https://youtu.be/JD4UcaJ17DA
▪️Video about his second wife https://youtu.be/pNQ8KfmIFIw

▪️Inspired ONLY by the series, made for entertainment, any coincidences are accidental????This is just an amateur video, it’s not commercial ????????

▪️Ivan lV the Terrible is one of the most outstanding tsars in Russian history. He is famous not only for his victories and short temper, but also for his love to women. We just know about his 6 wives (supposedly). All of them were of dazzling beauty 'cause, according to the bride-show rules, these women were selected from thousands by health and beauty

▪️The first wife was his beloved one❤️
The second wife was of Kabardian origin so Ivan noticed her because of her exoticism in comparison with northern Russian girls
The third one was his wife for just 15 days (btw, I’m from the town which belonged to her relative????)
The forth wife after being sent to the nunnery became the local saint
The fifth wife wasn't his official one 'cause Church didn't permit it
The sixth wife survived Ivan, soon her only son died and was canonised. A lot of impostors pretended to be surviving son of Ivan and one of them threatened Mary to acknowledge him as her son in public

▪️(“Why 3 of them were poisoned?” I suppose that these women and Ivan himself had a lot of enemies. The wives - because of their ignoble blood and influence on the tsar, Ivan - because of his policy and power)

#6wives #ivanlVtheterrible

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