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The Mysterious Chinese Army: Troops in Action; Taiwan or India?

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The Mysterious Chinese Army: Troops in Action; Taiwan or India?

Recently, a large number of Chinese military forces have shown up in large numbers along the coastal area of Maoming City, Guangdong Province, and the PLA appears to have intentions of unifying Taiwan by force.

On July 31, a large number of armored vehicles were spotted in Maoming, Guangdong province's Dobai district, but their exact movement and reason for being there is unknown. In this video, locals say they are preparing to attack Taiwan.

For a week, the Chinese army has intensified its actions along the coasts of Guangxi and Guangdong. This is after the USS Reagan and Nimitz’s two aircraft carrier battle groups conducted exercises in the South China Sea.

In response to the increased activities of the People's Liberation Army, the US aircrafts approached Guangdong coast area and Shanghai.

Will the PLA attack Taiwan? If the PLA attacks Taiwan will the U.S. military intervene?

Beijing's greatest fear is that the U.S. military will intervene directly. Under pressure from the U.S. military, it is expected that the PLA would not dare to attack Taiwan directly.

But many analysts also believe that Xi Jinping might attack Taiwan, and believe that now may be the best window to do so. For Beijing and especially for Xi Jinping, waging a small-scale war is much needed.

The situation Xi is facing today is one of internal and external turmoil, and a war victory is desperately needed to deflect these conflicts and prove his strength. All this is happening right before the United States election.

Although it now appears that China is considering an attack on Taiwan. analyzing various signs, the People's Liberation Army still worry about the US military's intervention and dare not attack Taiwan, so as to avoid conflict with the US military.

There are four reasons.

Let's look again at why Xi Jinping has a need for waging war.

China’s foreign relations deteriorate rapidly, with the US, India, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and even Russia.

China's domestic situation: Xi is facing pressures from all sorts.

So Xi Jinping, desperately needs to fight a small war to re-establish his authority. If he fights a large-scale war, and lose, the Communist regime will collapse. So his will is to opt for a small war. however, he must win it.

Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, the past leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), used the method of waging foreign wars to establish or consolidate their authority at home.

From this point of view, a small-scale war with India is feasible. Because of the high altitude of the Sino-Indian border, the terrain is mountainous with valleys, logistics support is difficult, and at the same time, it is far from the economically developed densely populated areas of China and India, so the scale of the war is very easy to control.

For China, a war with the United States is equal to an egg hitting a rock, but a battle with India is a good way to deflect internal and external conflict.

China and India have been in a competitive relationship for decades, with constant conflicts and frictions. Fighting against India, China has a psychological morale advantage from winning in 1962.

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