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The S-Class Heroes In One Punch Man Explained

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One Punch Man: Who Are The S-Class Heroes?
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One Punch Man has punched its way into our hearts like no other show out there. Its perfect blend of action and comedy has created a show unlike anything else out there. Besides a fascinating and fun main character, the world of One Punch Man is populated by some truly amazing heroes. And even though the universe they inhabit is often overrun with grotesque monsters and evil villains, it’s still a relatively organized society.

Because you can’t have all these heroes running around unchecked, the Hero Association was born! Which is a non-governmental organization that handles the rankings and stats for all heroes. There are four main categories for a hero. C-Class is at the bottom, then B-Class, then A-Class, and finally S-Class. If you’re truly a hero that wants to be the very best, then S-Class is what you aim for. They’re the top dogs who handle the very worst threats the world has to offer.

But who exactly populates S-Class and what are their powers? Do they truly deserve to be at the top of the list as opposed to other heroes in other classes? And which one do you think could hold their own against Saitama the most? Today’s video is all about S-Class heroes in One Punch Man. We’ll be breaking down each hero’s position and power-level, from Puri Puri Prisoner, all the way to the mysterious Blast. So sit back, relax, and hit that subscribe button once you’re done or else we’ll send Pig God to haunt your nightmares!


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