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Today's Price Action Explained - 7/27/2020

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#LOCKDOWN Daily Update on S&P 500 Index ETF (SPY "65" Min Chart)

Why 65-min Chart: https://youtu.be/FFC-hMNxpOM?t=153

Moving Averages:
Shorter-term: 12EMA ("low")
Mid-term: 90EMA ("low")
Longer-term: 250SMA ("low")
(My oscillator setting is proprietary reconfiguration)

Time frames:
"Micro term": Day+
"Short term": Week+
"Mid term": Month+
"Long term": Few Months+

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Twitter https://twitter.com/2kaykim
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♪♪ Intro/Outro: "Falling" by Sappheiros (Feat. eSoreni)

*DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational purposes and is not a investment recommendation nor to be representative of professional expertise, but to be used as a forum for opening discussions around trading. All examples and analysis used herein are for illustration purposes only, and of the personal opinions of the Original Posts author. All examples and analysis are intended for these purposes and should not be considered as specific investment advice.

*HOLDINGS DISCLOSURE: Kay may or may not hold positions discussed on the video. Kay may exit or add on the positions in the coming days without notice.

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