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Why you should skip the Kehra, Not the Vahklas in Star Trek Fleet Command | Update Video 2020

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One of my more well know videos from when I first started creating content for Star Trek Fleet command was a video about skipping the Vahklas. The end of 2019 saw an attack mechanic upgrade, swarms have come into the game, and much more that make the Vahklas a much more useful ship than previous (when I said just skip it and go to Kumari). So, I lay out my reasons why you should skip the Kehra in 2020

Topics covered:

1. Pros vs Cons of Kehra & Vahklas. Which works in more ways?
2. What resources do you save by not going for the Kehra?
3. Advice directed towards Free To Play/Low Spenders
4. If you have any game mechanic questions, feel free to drop those questions in the comments!

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