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your daily dose of bts' craziness

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get well soon yoongi ♡

soooooo here is your daily dose of bts' craziness. i don't think there was a day i didn't watch bts content which is crazy, but honestly just seeing them or hearing them talk makes my day 10000x better. so from what the boys told us recently, we should be expecting KTH1 and yoongi's 3rd mixtape to come out and i'm soooooo excited. i feel like KTH1 might come this year or early 2021 but yoongi's mixtape might come out a little later. they're so hard working plssss.
anyways, i hope u guys liked this video and i hope it made your day better.
i love u all soooooo much ^_^

twitter: https://twitter.com/luvkooa

outro song: DDAENG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbSU1...

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